Saltwater Reef Tank
by Don Geddis

This 250g reef tank started in November 2005. The initial livestock came from my previous 55g reef tank.

The major part of the display tank is a community reef, including fish, corals, invertebrates, live rock, and live sand. There is also a partition 1/3 of the way on the left side (which allows water to cross but prevents large animals from switching sides). The smaller section holds seahorses, which share much of the maintenance requirements of reef fish (and thus can share water), but which thrive better in their own section (because they prefer low current, low light, and are such slow hunters that they might starve in a tank with fast, aggressive fish).

        250g system
  • 192g display (66"x28"x24")
    • 1/3 seahorses
    • 2/3 reef
  • 40g refugium (36"x15"x16"")
  • 40g sump (36"x15"x16")
2x250W 10K Metal Halide
2x60" VHO Actinic White
3 SCWDs (6x2 = 12 returns)
ASM G-4 skimmer (Sedra 5000)

I originally imagined that I would design a custom (multi-level!) tank system of my own, but without any building experience I decided it was wiser to get professional help with my first major system. This tank was built by Nemo Marine Systems in San Jose, CA.

Antler Coral
Pectinia alcicornis
September 20, 2010
Antler Coral
Pectinia alcicornis
September 17, 2010
Hawkin's Blue Acropora
Acropora echinata
May 29, 2010
Disk Coral
Fungia sp.
May 29, 2010

Video: mpg

Video: mpg

Video: mpg


(Brazilian Seahorse)
Hippocampus reidi

(Copperband Butterfly)
Chelmon rostratus

(Coral Goby)
Gobiodon okinawae

(Cubical Boxfish)
Ostracion Cubicus

Firefish Goby
Nemateleotris magnifica

Flame Angel
Centropyge loriculus


(Neon Goby)
Elacatinus oceanops

Ocellaris Clownfish
Amphiprion ocellaris

Psychedelic Mandarin Dragonet
Synchiropus splendidus

Purple Tang
Zebrasoma xanthurum

Spotted Mandarin Dragonet
Synchiropus picturatus

(Sunburst Seahorse)
Hippocampus erectus

(Sunburst Seahorse ponies)
Hippocampus erectus

(Zebra-snout Seahorse)
Hippocampus barbouri


(Antler Coral)
Pectinia alcicornis

(Bird's Nest Coral)
Pocillopora damicornis

Branching Frogspawn Coral
Euphyllia paradivisa

(Bubble Coral)
Plerogyra sinuosa

(Button Polyps)
Zoanthus sociatus

Colonial Polyps
Parazoanthus gracilis

Disk Coral
Fungia sp.

Green Zoo
Zoanthus sp.

Hammer Frogspawn Coral
Euphyllia parancora

Hawkin's Blue Acropora
Acropora echinata

(Miami Orchid Staghorn)
Acropora sp.

Moon Brain Coral
Favites sp.

(Octopus Frogspawn Coral)
Euphyllia divisa

Plate Coral
Montipora capricornis

Pocillopora sp.

(Rose Millepora)
Acropora Millepora

Star Polyps
Pachyclavularia violacea

(Tort Staghorn Coral)
Acropora tortuosa

(Turquoise Acropora)
Acropora sp.

Velvet Horn Coral
Hydnophora microconos


Astraea Turbo Snail
Astraea tecta

(Atlantic Sea Cucumber)
Holothuria floridana


Cerith Snail
Cerithium sp.

(Cleaner Shrimp)

Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab
Clibanarius tricolor

Emerald Crab
Mithrax sculptus

Feather Duster
[Unknown sp.]

(Feather Star)

Glass Anemone
Aiptasia sp.

(Horseshoe Crab)

(Maxima Clam)
Tridacna maxima

Peppermint Shrimp
Lysmata wurdemanni

(Queen Conch)
Strombus gigas

(Red Sea Star)
Linckia multifora

Red-footed Snail
[Unknown sp.]

(Sand-sifting Starfish)
Astropecten polycanthus

Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab
Paguristes cadenati

(Sea Hare)
Aplysia juliana

Serpent Sea Star
Ophioderma appressum

Shield Limpet
Scutus unguis

(Tube Anemone)
Cerianthus sp.

White Sponge
[Unknown sp.]


(Bonzai Ogo)
Gracilaria sp.

Brown Leafy
[Unknown sp.]

Brown Net
[Unknown sp.]

Bubble Algae
Valonia ventricosa

Caulerpa taxifolia

Club Bubble Algae
Valonia aegagropila

Feather Hair Algae
Bryopsis sp.

Green Leafy
[Unknown sp.]

Green Round Leafy
[Unknown sp.]

Hair Algae
Derbesia sp.

(Sea Lettuce)
Ulva lactuca


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